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Adult Cat (2-6 years)


About Me

Meet Lloyd and Jack. Two wonderful friendly felines whose personalities are so very different. Lloyd is larger than life, in both body and spirit. He is friendly and confident, brimming with good nature and offering an easy purr. His luminous green eyes are so big, they border on comical but it all comes together to make a beautiful cat. Jack is the more serious lad, hanging back enough to thoroughly check everything out. His Maine Coon origins make him a stunning cat, with almost a mystical look to his lithe frame. He has a bit of a thyroid issue so he is a bit on the thin side, but is calm and accommodating when his medication is applied to his ear. Don’t think for a second that Jack is aloof, he is intelligent and friendly, simply taking it all in. While Lloyd likes the spotlight, Jack is content to let Lloyd get the love he needs, then this regal cat with a soulful face casually approaches for some pets of his own and to receive the adoration befitting a cat of such beauty. The cats had been living together with two dogs. They have been with our two kids (ages 13 and 14) and seem to like both men and women, although their owner who died was a man. Don’t miss these two precious felines who want nothing more than to have a new human (or humans) to call their own. The loss of their owner was a terrible blow but they will land on their feet when they find someone who appreciates this dynamic duo. Don’t miss out on these wonderful cats who lost their home through sad circumstances. They need a forever home hero!

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