Hello! My name is (Ranger Jane) Nikki Puppy 4



Puppy (under 9 months)


About Me

Ranger = She is an inquisitive, smart, playful & cuddly. She watches the big dog and copies what she does. Not afraid to take a risk. She likes to run and jump. My little Pogo...think Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Gets excited at meal time she will try to steal a treat from anyone that’s not looking. She quick to find solutions to obstacles in her way and pays attention to everything. She likes to be cuddled and be off on her own. Seems get along with men, women, kids and other dogs. She does have a bedtime and potty routine. . Goes to bed when told (& with Music) - she has very few accidents inside / if she is taken out as soon as she wakes up.

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Shelter Info


Anthem Pets Inc.
PO Box 74272

Anthem AZ 85087

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