Hello! My name is Azure



Senior Cat (6+ years)


About Me

Azure and Coroline are a bonded pair. These sweet sisters are looking for their fur-ever home. These very special girls were born with an extremely mild case of cerebral hypoplasia. Don't be alarmed though, all this means is that they have a slightly sassy walk to go with all of that love they have to give. They are proof that not all cats land on their feet and can be a little clumsy. This disability requires NO extra maintenance or medication. Both girls are as sweet as pie and love nothing more than to snuggle you whenever possible. These girls have had a troubled life from the beginning. After being found as kittens, these sisters were the only survivors of the litter after being taken in by a shotty rescue. This "rescue" kept them in a volunteer's home along with 70 other cats. From there, they were rescued by a horrified volunteer that put them in a better foster home. The black cat, Coraline, has a permanent leaky eye due to an infection that wasn't treated until she found her previous foster home. Both girls are around 8 years old and have never had a true home. They get along with dogs, cats, and kids. They are spayed, microchipped, up to date on shots and healthy, and cannot wait to meet you and become a part of your family!

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Anthem Pets Inc.
PO Box 74272

Anthem AZ 85087

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