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Lilo, nicknamed Lily, is a 10-month old Lab/Pit/Mastiff mix. Although she is young, she is very well-behaved and sits, stays, comes and goes to bed on command. She is completely house-broken and has been trained to do her “business” in a specific area in the yard. She is very easily trained using treats and praise as rewards. Since she’s a puppy, she does need her share of interesting chew toys and activities to keep her occupied. If she’s left too long without stimulation or a new toy, she will investigate other options around her. She loves to play and run, so a home with a large yard and a family who takes her on outings would be ideal. But she also loves her naps, and settles down for a siesta in her bed a couple of times a day. She sleeps through the night in her bed. Lily is still learning how to be alone and cries when there’s nobody home, so she’ll need patient coaching to learn she’s not being abandoned. She is hesitant with new people and dogs and approaches them cautiously; but once she realizes they are friends, she relaxes. She needs more opportunities to become socialized. She has never shown any signs of anger or aggression; she is sweet and loving and appreciates all the hugs, attention and kisses she can get!

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