Hello! My name is Tootsie

Domestic Short Hair

Young Cat (9 months - 2 years)


About Me

Tootsie is sweet as sugar. She is a quirky girl and loves to greet you with enthusiastic head bumps and nuzzles. She has an adorable chirpy voice to say hello when she is extra excited to see you, she gets a little wet nose - it is the cutest thing ever! Tootsie came to Anthem Pets malnourished and covered in cactus spines, and now she is just a very happy girl enjoying the simple life. Despite her rough beginnings, she is extremely confident, friendly, and outgoing. She loves nothing more than soft blankets, cozy naps, and attention from people. Tootsie is not overly playful, just likes to be around her humans and keep up with what’s going on throughout the day. She can be a little kooky sometimes! She can get a little overzealous when it’s feeding time. She lives with her foster mom’s cat and plays with her, but can get sassy if she shows too much affection. Tootsie would do well as an only cat (as long as you don’t leave her alone too much!) but also as a happy new addition with a mellow cat buddy who likes to hang out nearby and maybe play from time to time.

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