Hello! My name is Sheepie

Domestic Short Hair

Young Cat (9 months - 2 years)


About Me

Sheepie is a courageous momma who saved her small litter of kittens from the 120° heat! She found a leaky pipe and shady spot to stay until help arrived and took her in. She was so grateful, she could hardly stop purring!! Her fur has regained its healthy luster and she has the most unique markings! She is an exceedingly relaxed and patient cat, all she asks is that you say hi whenever you walk in the room. She is always quick with a grateful purr. She is still in Momma Cat mode, so she will need some time to decompress before being introduced to other animals. She loves all the people, though, even small children. Sheepie is a regal hero and would be a loving addition to any home!

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Shelter Info


Anthem Pets Inc.
PO Box 74272
Anthem, AZ 85087

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