Hello! My name is Marley

Domestic Medium Hair

Senior Cat (6+ years)


About Me

Front Declawed Kitty Hi, my name is Marley (but you can call me Mar Mar and I will come to you if I'm hiding)! Don't let my age of 13yrs young fool you! I am sweet, sassy, and full of energy and very agile -at least my foster mom thinks so! I really do love to snuggle and talk alot with my little "meows". I'm really social and I love it when my foster mom picks me up under my armpits and holds me against her chest with her hands under my bum! I will snuggle for days like that with head pets! I love resting up on high places and looking out the window -when I'm not on a human heating pad lap!. My foster mom took me outside on a tether and cloth cat vest harness and I actually enjoyed laying there staring at the birds! I just want a home that is quiet and a lap that will be around throughout the day for me to lay in to make the biscuits! Just pat your lap and I will jump right up and look into your eyes with love! Please be patient and give me a week or so to get used to you and I will be your best buddy in no time! Marley is a well behaved petite little kitty but she is super sassy! She will tell you if she wants something whether it be pets, water, a lap or food --or if you try to kick her out of her...I mean YOUR chair! :-) She has perfect litterbox habits at her foster home and is declawed on her front paws. She recently had her annual exam and vaccinations and is healthy as a horse with many pages of her medical history available to her adopter which is awesome because we usually don't have this much history on a foster! Marley does not do well with other cats at all and likely from a period at her owners when she was attacked and picked on by other cats. Her mom said she sprayed at them, so best for her not to be in a home with other cats to avoid this bad behavior. Her foster mom has had her for a month and no spraying from her at all. Even though her previous mommy took great care of her with all her vet visits -Marley wasn't eating the best of foods and Marley appears to be allergic to cheap kibble -mostly anything with chicken in it and will develop very watery eyes if given anything with chicken in it. Her foster has shifted her to Orijin Salmon and boy does she love that stuff! Her watery eyes are almost gone and should stay that way as long as she doesn't have anything with chicken in it. If you are going to change her food -be sure to read the ingredients table because even if it doesn't say Chicken on the front of the contents -most all of them have chicken meal or fat in the ingredients list! Marley free feeds and does well with that but she does love to have a large fresh water bowl next to her food. Due to Marley's sassy Torti-ness, she will not do well around children that will try to touch her or pick her up. Once she gets to know the adults she's then fine with being picked up but has to "approve" of you first after many rounds of lap lovings! :-) Her previous owner is a senior and had to sell her home and move out of state into a home and cannot take Marley -she is so sad to give her up but wants a a loving home for her -is that your home?

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