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To know Autumn, nicknamed Luna, is to love her! She appears to be an adult female Staffordshire terrier mixed breed, but she can’t make up her mind whether she is really a hound dog or a lapdog! The scents outside fascinate her so much that perhaps a better name might have been the Pokey Little Puppy who continually says, “I smell something!” Inside, she has made it her mission to finagle her way up onto a lap whenever one presents itself. However, she has not been allowed that luxury in her foster home, where the foster parents are reserving that privilege for her forever home to bestow on her. Luna/Autumn is very well-behaved, crate-trained and obeys “sit” and “come” commands. She is completely house-broken and was very easily trained to do her “business” in a specific area in the yard. Luna is a lady of leisure and not really interested in playing with toys, fetching or tug-of-war activities. However, she does get very excited when she sees the leash to go out. But because of her lack of proper walking etiquette, she will need some patient coaching in this area. She seems hesitant with new people and dogs and approaches them cautiously. She will need more opportunities to become socialized and it is unknown how she is with children or other animals yet. She does not chew on anything and can be left alone with no fear that she will cause any damage. This lady is not a “water-loving dog” and blustery wind frightens her if she’s outside. She’s quite content to hang around the house, and would love to lie in your lap or snuggle up with you all day if you let her. She is sweet and loving and appreciates all the hugs, attention and kisses she can get! Adoption fee $250

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Anthem Pets Inc.
PO Box 74272
Anthem, AZ 85087

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