Hello! My name is Khaleesi


Young Cat (9 months - 2 years)


About Me

Khalessi is a one year old tabby with some interesting markings - think there may have been a Bengal 'fling' in her family's past! When rescued she was semi-feral and spent the first two weeks with her foster mom under the bed only coming out at night to eat and poop. That was five months ago and she has now made great progress and become a quiet but friendly and chatty cat. She is not much of a lap cat but likes a lot of petting, especially head and chin, and to sit next to her foster mom on an office chair while they look at the internet. She also likes to sit on the back of a recliner so she can 'groom' her mom's hair. She's still nervous of loud noises and strange people and the pandemic restrictions have meant that she has not met many people other than her foster mom. She interacted very well with another foster cat in the same household and they enjoyed playing during the four months they were together. She is still working through past traumas, whatever they might have been, and does not like being picked up. Khalessi would do best in a quiet household as an only cat or with one or two other cats for company. She seems to miss her foster buddy and the cuddling and playing they did together.

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Anthem Pets Inc.
PO Box 74272
Anthem, AZ 85087

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